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We're knee deep in this startup life with our company Renly. After about a year and a half we've decided to share this venture with anybody and everybody that is interested in the startup life. During the past few weeks, we have been working on a new web series which we're dubbing TheStartupLife.tv in order to give a brief look at what it's like to be a part of a startup. The ups and downs, the pros and cons and everything else that falls in between.


This project isn't scripted and we're sort of just working while we're getting recorded. Not to give a "realistic" look, but because we have work that needs to get done for the most part. It's a startup after all. Nobody on the team really knows what will get added to the final videos and that's fine with us. We're going to go on with our day to day and let the content speak for itself.

Moments of "ah man, did we really say that?!" will no doubt be rampant, but that's all part of the project and the experience. And more importantly, it's real and random and not sugar coated, which is lacking nowadays in our current media.

The aim of this thing

We're not really too sure what the goal is with this project, but we just know that it's something that doesn't normally get talked about too much. People watch TV shows about startups and read books and such, but there are hundreds of thousands of startups that get formed each year that don't make it past year one. And those stories rarely get talked about. But why didn't they make it? And the ones that did make it. Why did they make it?

So hopefully, this series will give some insight into what it's really like to throw it all on the line, quit your stable jobs and to do something that you really enjoy in life.

Putting it all out there

Most companies are pretty secretive about what they're working on. Everything is a billion dollar idea and if word got out, then it would be the end. Except that's not really true. And if anyone needs an example, Tesla opening up their Automotive patents should be a good case study as to how sharing is caring.

So it's good to shed away with those mentalities of the past and to share as much as one can. Sure, not everything will make the final videos. Our internal meetings about server architecture and data mining might remain in the fringes. But only for now. And that's the thing, it's hard to say where this series will go.

Personally speaking, if it gets a few hundred people to watch and become interested enough in the startup life that they choose to drop everything and try it out, then that would be great. But if it doesn't it's fine too. Because at the of the day, we're still a group of close friends working together to make something that we feel can change the world in some small humble way.

At an interesting place

This idea for a web series came at an interesting time for Renly. We recently just finished taking part in TechCrunch Disrupt and just relocated offices to accommodate more people. One of our co-workers just recently quit his job to join Renly full-time, so that transition will be captured and shared as well. So it's a good place, because we're not Day 1 and we're not Round E funding. We're 1.5 years in and continuing with overcoming the many challenges that early companies face.

In the end, this isn't something that we ourselves want to watch and analyze. It's something that we want to give back as a group. Something that, again, doesn't normally get discussed or written about in our day to day media world. It isn't glamorous, and sometimes it isn't all too exciting. But then there are those moments that completely turn that upside down and make you go "okay....now what...". So let's break those standards, and take you into our little world that we call a startup with our web series. To check out the latest videos feel free to follow the following link.

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