OK, so it is something of a quiet revolution because we are so used to having new software come out to make our lives easier, our tasks quicker, and our days more productive. However, quiet or not it is there, and below you will find just four examples out of the many in which software is transforming particular fields. Read on to find out more.


Software developers are transforming the field of retail in many ways. The first and perhaps the most impactful way is in providing real-time tracking and feedback for employees on the shop floor.

This is a revolutionary type of software because it allows supervisors and managers to be much more connected to their entire team, and keep an eye on how things are progressing during a shift.

In fact, it takes the guesswork out of things and lets them know exactly who is providing excellent service to customers and who is trailing behind. Then this software's connectivity feature means that the managers can then offer assistance and motivation as necessary to improve the service in real time.

Another bonus use to this type of software is the connectivity that you have to all employees even when they are not at work. How this works is that their cell phone numbers are stored, and then if a shift change occurs, or someone needs to be covered you can send out an automatic message to everyone, rather than phoning around people one by one trying to cover the shift.

The Software Revolution: 3 Fields That Are Being Transformed By Software Developments

Oil and gas production

Of course, the idea of tracking software has applications far beyond the reach of a retail environment. In fact, it is a valuable asset for any business whose workers and location are spread out, yet they only have one person managing them at a single time.

One particular example of this is in oil and gas production where a single manager can be expected to supervise a team of 12 or more people in an area as geographically diverse as cross three counties.

Luckily, some boffins in the industry have cottoned on to this fact and come up with some production reporting software that is customized to this field. This software then helps managers to keep track of the productivity level of each, individual pumper, which in turn gives them a much better shot at reaching the target that their company sets for them.


Lastly, you may think that it's just jobs that have practical, hands-on element to them that can benefit from this sort of software, but this is not strictly the case. In fact, even administration roles can be made easier and more productive by the adoption of the correct software.

The Software Revolution: 3 Fields That Are Being Transformed By Software Developments

For example, invoicing and payroll can be hugely simplified by using digital accounting software that allows the creation of PDF invoices, and automation calculations.

Also, productivity can be vastly improved upon by using document management software that grants each administrator, no matter what their location access to master documents, and letters.

Something that can save a huge amount of time on the creation of documents, as well as help to main consistency across locations and departments, making your business more accurate and professional. An action that in many cases can help to transform and boost your business to new levels of success.

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