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it disasters to avoid at all costs: the small business owner's guide

When you run a small business, you need to know what is going on in every department, and IT is no exception to that rule. After all, profits can be slim, and the smallest things can make a big difference to whether you end up in the black or fall into the red. With that in mind check out our small business owner’s guide to IT below that specifically deals with disasters, and how it's possible to avoid to avoid them.

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how to set up an ssl certificate with godaddy

While in the past it seemed like you could do just fine without the hassle of setting up an SSL certificate, it seems that as of late that might come at a cost to your search ranking. Search engines began taking security status into account a few years ago, and if things continue on that trend, which they most likely will, then you're best bet is to get yourself an SSL certificate.

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taking a look at security in shared hosting

I've always been a proponent of having just the most secure site that you can possibly make. And as such, I always take precautions to make sure of that and also, because I am just one man, things are going to happen. I track as many anomalies as I can, I ensure that all passwords are hashed, and if need be I block traffic coming from suspicious nodes, things that I think everyone should be doing to better secure their sites. But just recently, none of that mattered. No amount of secure code or configuration can fully protect your digital environment on a shared hosting server. Let me correct that phrase, on a Windows Shared Hosting environment.

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web hosting provider review

If you are thinking of starting your own website, then the first step you should take is picking a good and reliable hosting provider. And I definitely recommend using for your many hosting needs. I personally have been using them for years, and I have zero complaints. They have great uptime, their support gets back to me within hours of me submitting tickets, and best of all their prices are very competitive, particularly as I require a Windows environment to run my .NET websites, and many other providers charge considerably more for that.

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