avoid these during your next programming interview

Interviews in general can be nerve-racking meetings regardless of where your current skill level is at. You can be a junior developer and ace all of your questions, or you can be a senior full-stack developer and have no clue about what you were just asked. But while spontaneous at times, there are a few things that you can do to increase your odds of landing that next job. Or rather, here are few things that you should perhaps avoid.

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how to write a technical resume for programmers

A new year is fast approaching and that means it might be time to do something different. Which might just mean finding a new job. So keeping your resume up to date and polished can become pretty important.

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programmer spotlight 01: thatsoftwaredude

This will be the first in the hopefully long series of Developer Interviews that we conduct for the blog. The idea is to get a few passionate programmer's highlighted to see what makes them tick and to help shed some light into a devs day to day life.

Walter G.
Long Beach, CA
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building your programming portfolio in 5 steps

The year is off to a fresh start, and as such, it is time for many people to make those new year's resolutions and to maybe get a new job. And if you're a young up and coming programmer nowadays, you're going to need more than your fancy laptop and geeky stickers. Those help, but only so much. What's worked for me for the past 10 years is my Portfolio. And I speak of it in a physical manner. It sounds weird for a programmer to bring in their portfolio to a job interview, much like a graphic designer or artist would, but it's doable and it gets a reaction. And that's due to the fact that most other programmers applying for your position, won't bring in a portfolio. They w . . .

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i took a midterm exam during my interview

Everyone that knows me, knows that I enjoy a good interview. I even enjoy the bad ones sometimes because if anything, they at least make for a good story later on. And this last interview didn't disappoint me one bit. It went exactly the way that I knew it was going to go. It was like a second year in college programming midterm, except that instead of writing, you had to answer each question out loud, within seconds. And every second that went by with silence was the most awkward second of your life. Yeap, that's how it went.

I never do well in these types of interview. And it's for a good reason. I've been programming for the greater part of the past decade now, and I think a . . .

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preparing for my interview in the worst way

I have an interview coming up really soon because I can't be self-employed and living by our own terms forever unfortunately. At least not yet, I'm working on it. And after many many interviews in my life, I know what to expect from it. And I'm not looking forward to it, not one bit. This is when I need to reach back 10 years into my college computer science classes and start to remember those keywords that I was told were so important. Except that they aren't and because of that I've forgotten most of them. I don't think I've ever turned to a co-worker and said "that's going to require some inheritance right there". Or "wait wait, we're adding a new menu, what's the Big O of that?" But . . .

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my worst job interviews

I write alot about interviews and about interviewing people because it's a very important part of work. You can't hire someone without both of those things happening. And there is no standard to the way they run their course. Every company and every individual will conduct it differently. And because of that you're going to end up with a few train wrecks along the way. The following stories are true and they happened to me while I was out looking for that first job.

"Who Are You?"

This actually happened. I got a phone call on a Monday for an interview . . .

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more interview questions to share

Another interview and another set of questions to answer. Personally, I enjoy most interviews. You get to test yourself out and work on your communication skills a bit. And on the other hand, I hate interviews. Alot. They're sometimes awkward and within the first 5 minutes, you'll realize that you're wasting your time there. This latest interview I had, was the former. Here's a few questions I was asked, plus my answers, plus the correct answers where applicable.

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the pros and cons of working with recruiters

The Pros And Cons Of Working With Recruiters
Recruiters have a tight hold on tech jobs these days, for a few reasons. But mainly that tech jobs are hard to fill and they pay substantially more than jobs in other fields. But for those reasons, the market becomes saturated with recruiters. They sound amazing, on the phone. The offers are phenomenal. 342k per year with benefits? Sign me up. That later will get watered down to around 65k with Dental.

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interview questions i enjoy asking programmers

At my latest job I had the opportunity to interview a fair number of people. It's definitely a challenge and it takes some preparation. Somebody's future lies in your hand and you don't want to make a mistake in selecting a candidate. Choose the wrong one and you're in for a real treat. If you've read which interview questions I most dislike, now see which ones I actually enjoy.

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