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First Impressions of Microsoft SQL Operations Studio
First Impressions of Microsoft SQL Operations Studio

Microsoft recently unveiled their new Microsoft SQL Operations Studio (in preview) application for Windows, Linux, and Mac. SQL Operations Studio is a lightweight and free management software for SQL Server much like SQL Server Management Studio. Nowadays, any full-stack developer will spend about half of their dev time in the database. Whether it be updating sprocs or generating reports or removing unused data, a solid database management system is key to perform well and to not waste too much time.

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When To Use Code Vs When To Use SQL
When To Use Code Vs When To Use SQL

Just recently I spent a few hours attempting to make an overly complex SQL query into a reality. From the beginning, it didn't really feel right. The data was slightly off, and there was this nagging feeling hovering that it wasn't going to end well. It wasn't that the query itself was complex. But more that the data wasn't very well stored, formatted and queryable. But nonetheless, because I began to solve it with a data-based mentality and because I had dedicated so much time on a query that would take years to describe I decided to continue the relentless battle. At the end, I ended up with a query that would be forgotten within a 15 minute timespan and with a dataset that might or might not be correct. There was very little I could do to verify whether a 2 paragraph query was valid or not.

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Preventing SQL Injections With Parameterized Queries
Preventing SQL Injections With Parameterized Queries

In my previous post I wrote about a few steps that you can take to better secure your website. One of those steps, probably the most important on that list, was to use Parameterized Queries whenever you're mixing SQL and user input in order to avoid SQL injections. We all want to trust our websites visitors and in a perfect world we could save precious time by not worrying about such silly things. However, in our current world we have to spend this extra time. If there is a flaw somewhere, someone will eventually try to expose it and some may even attempt to abuse it.

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Database Normalization Is Good And Bad
Database Normalization Is Good And Bad

Every developer does it subconsciously nowadays. We create a database schema and we normalize it without thinking about it. At least I hope we do. We let the data speak for itself. Sometimes that doesn't turn out so well, and sometimes it isn't terrible. There are several goals when designing a database that I try to keep in mind. A few include reducing the amount of duplicate data, making the data clear and readable and reducing the number of changes needed to the code whenever new data sets are introduced. It's always nice coming back to an old project and having it make sense without having to relearn how it works.

Database Normalization is

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