how i run a whole company on the surface 3

Some years ago I purchased Microsoft's Surface 3 laptop as a convenient on the go amendment to my full sized laptop at home. Obviously something running an Atom processor with 4GB of RAM isn't going to be a heavy duty work machine I thought. It was more of a tool to take to meetings and to get some work done outside of the office. The Surface 3 runs the latest full Windows version so all of my software could finally travel with me in a neat little package.

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the surface 3 is still doing work, somehow

Just recently many new laptops and 2 in 1's were announced with more power and better resolution than ever before. It's a fantastic time if you're looking for a new machine and if you have the available funds for it. As along with an increase in performance, you'll of course also get an increase in price tag. Which is why I'm happy to say that somehow, in a surprising turn of events, my Atom powered Surface 3 is still putting in an insane amount of work without so much as a hiccup.

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two years with the microsoft surface 3

When I first purchased the Microsoft Surface 3, it was in May of 2015. It was a birthday present for myself, as I like to create reasons for enjoying life guilt-free. But it wasn't just that. It was curiosity. It was a fully Windows-powered 1lb machine with an FHD display. It was a statement really. That I could take my entire tech world with me wherever I went in the width of less than most books. Sure it was underpowered compared to the big boys on the market. But it had a 10-hour battery life and a tiny backlit keyboard. From a technical standpoint, it was near perfect, although somewhat pricey.

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is the surface 3 a good developer laptop?

When I originally picked up the Surface 3, it was mainly because of it's lower price point and smaller size. It's not targeted towards developers however, I'll say that now. But that doesn't mean it can't handle some development work here or there. I was hopeful that it could at least keep up with my day to day work while I'm out of the house. And with a full version of Windows running, I'm free to install my usual developer tools on it and see how it handles it. This is the smallest device that I've purchased so far that has made it possible to finally be able to continue my normal work operations on the go. Which is very exciting for me, especially because it comes with an HD display, full touchscreen, tablet mode, and drawing capabilities. If it can indeed handle my development work, then I'm set.

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