About ThatSoftwareDude

Walter G. (ThatSoftwareDude) is a software engineer from the beautiful city of Long Beach, California. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from Long Beach State University.

He's spent the past 15 years writing software in various capicities and with various roles. From entry-level web developer to CTO of a startup who raised 300k in seed funding within the first 2 years, he's been keeping busy.

You can currently find him working on a variety of projects, from his startup to mentoring students in coding bootcamps.

Over 15 years of programming experience

10 of those years have been in a professional role. In that time I've worked with numerous technologies, languages and frameworks, some of which include:

C# .NET SQL Server HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery Angular.js Cloud


ThatSoftwareDude.com began in 2014 after many years of pondering it and discussing over the water cooler. It began random and chaotically like many things, but slowly began to find itself as a home to over 400 posts ranging from coding how's to's to current trends in technology.

It now features over 400 posts ranging in topic from Programming to starting a company to just general conversations that I have with a keyboard. It's readership has grown to over a dozen countries and is currently being localized to Spanish. As it has evolved, so has my vocabulary and way of speech and use of similes and metaphors. Must like my old high school English class essays.


You can currently find me and my team grinding away on Renly.co looking to change the way that service based jobs are attained and managed. We've been hard at work for over a year now and there is no end in sight. We have an idea, a dream, a passion for technology. And together we can make some amazing things come to life. The way we see it, if you can make an application that reaches far and wide, you've changed the world in some shape, way or form. Look forward to many more blog posts on the startup life, filled with moments of levity and things to expect if you decide to jump into that realm.


You can currently find me and iDiallo.com on our weekly podcast, Coder's Block (every Wednesday) as we dive deep into the world of software engineering and technology and random tangents that lead to unknown places to bewilder the mind. iDiallo's plan is to record 800 episodes, so we'll see how that goes.

Active Projects

These are the current active projects on my timeline. There are many more in the pipeline that will be released in the near future.