Today is my first official day of being unemployment in the past 4 years, and so far, so good. For the first time in a while, I looked forward to waking up. Except rent is due today, and I don't have a job 0_o and I've only bought myself 30 more days of sleeping in a 4 wall inclosure. Other than that, fantastic. If you plan it well, unemployment doesn't have to leave a bad taste in your mouth. It's a time to finally stop and think about what the future holds. I would drag myself to work daily, like alot of other people every day and not worry about 2 or 3 years from now. I just worried about this weekends laundry and groceries, and this months rent. This is a good time to get that project that's been sitting on my laptop out to the world, and to think about what I want to do for the next phase of my life.

The Plan For Today

This is what I would like to complete today:

1. Fix broken RSS on this site
2. Create new banner on top, with my awesome design skills
3. Add syntax highlighting script
4. Update forum software to support multiple styles.
5. Eat dinner (Chipotle hopefully)
6. Invest a few hours on Netflix
7. Work out :/ (getting kind of late though..ahem..)
8. Write this post

What Actually Went Down

1. Fixed. Some links were broken. Took about 3 minutes to look into and fix.
2. I made a new banner B) I think it came out alright. And in the process had a new banner idea that I think would be pretty cool.
3. Added it to my local. Currently testing.
4. Ongoing project, still working on it.
5. Done and done.
6. Kitchen Nightmares (The Non-US version)
7. It's freezing currently, and running in the cold does not boast well with me.
8. Done and done.

I love to work and learn new things, but I make it a point to take time out of the day and step away from all of that. If I just worked the entire day non-stop, after a few days I would grow to hate what I've worked so hard to create.

Walter G. is a software engineer, startup co-founder, former CTO of several tech companies and currently teaches programming for a coding bootcamp. He has been blogging for the past 5 years and is an avid BMX rider, bio-hacker and performance enthusiast.
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