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Programming: So It's Kind Of Hard4/28/2017
Programming: There Is No Destination4/5/2017
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When To Use Code Vs When To Use SQL3/6/2017
Notepad Is The Most Useful Programmer's Tool3/4/2017
The Travelling Programmer2/14/2017
Taking a Look at Group Programming2/10/2017
Sketching Your Code On Paper2/8/2017
Learning To Fail Gracefully1/16/2017
Treat Your Code Like Tetris1/14/2017
Societal Programming1/12/2017
Stepping Out of the Office1/11/2017
How To Be A Healthy Programmer In 20171/8/2017
Sharing Is Caring, Your Code12/22/2016
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Living On The "Edge" Case11/30/2016
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Can Programs Write Other Programs11/17/2016
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Soundtrack To Your Code10/25/2016
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I'll Take My Code Plain Please8/18/2016
Remembering Programming 10 Years Ago7/19/2016
Taking The "Science" Out Of Computer Science6/15/2016
Simulations Are A Powerful Thing6/9/2016
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Computer Science For All May Not Be The Right Answer2/3/2016
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Setting Up Your Development Environment9/28/2015
Trying Out PHP Using WebMatrix6/29/2015
"sometimes you have to delete, to find your answer"
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