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There's A Job For Every Kind Of Nerd

In the not so distant future, being a nerd was something you had to keep under wraps. Actually, it was something you had to keep in a box under your bed and label it something so dull no one would ever be interested in peeking inside, like “office supplies” or “dust collection”. Nowadays, though, everyone has found a way to embrace their geeky side, with loads of us trying to figure out a way we can let the geek in us sing so loud we make it our job.

The big question is: what are the best jobs us nerds and geeks can try and go for?

Well, we have the list. Sure, the sacrifice is not being the coolest dude in the world, but you’ll be chasing your dreams and, who knows, probably take over the world someday, just like Bill.

1. Computer Programmer

This one may seem pretty obvious, but the best ones usually are. That aside, being a programmer is the best job a computer techie could ever hope for. It’s your chance to play around with hard drives and fix bugs and get stuck in to coding and designing your own software and all that nuts stuff. But here are the best parts: jobs are cropping up everywhere and the average salary is over $75,000.

2. Proper Science

Ever since we first saw Frankenstein (the original, obviously!) we have been obsessed by science, something so many nerds can relate to. There is just something so cool about it. Things like genome engineering, which you can pop along to to learn more about, and rocket science and chemistry and just everything of that ilk is crazy cool. How much you earn is up for grabs (spoiler alert: it’s usually a lot), but what does that matter when you get to enjoy a different challenge every day, and one that actually has a real-life purpose?

3. Game Tester

If your internal alarm bells are suddenly going off because, well, this career is too good to be true, it’s time you took a deep breath and accepted it’s a real thing. Sure, you won’t get to make a fortune at $15 an hour, but you will get to smile every. Single. Day. But of course you do, you’re playing games for money. You usually pay to play games, so this is like the best thing ever. What’s more, you never know where this door could lead. You never know how high up the chain of command you could go.

4. Editor

Just because we said the term nerd does not mean we are limiting the whole career scope to thick-glasses, slogan tees and socially-awkward humans, and that’s because you can have grammar nerds too. Constructing sentences, proofing documents and just being a grammar whizzkid are all traits that could lead you to the big bucks, by which we mean earning a tidy pay packet of $55,000 a year. How cool is that? Getting paid to do something that you’re inherently good at - that’s amazing.

Walter Guevara

Walter G. is a software engineer with over 10 years of professional experience. When he isn't blogging or being a CTO he enjoys coding randomly complex things that he hopes many people will get a chance to use one day.


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