Software You Need For Product Designing

If you are looking to design a new product for your business this year, you might want to upgrade your current software to better help you produce the best designs you can. Technology is an amazing thing and we should take advantage of and here are some of the software programs you can use for product design this year.


If you want a product design app which incorporates both design and a tech pack in one- this is the ideal software for you to use. It will allow you to hold everything you need in one place and will make the process of designing an amazing product for your company.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a piece of software which will allow you to create a simple design for you less product and marketing material like packaging in one simple place. You can choose from a huge range of tools, vectors and even use a touch pen to create better detail.

Adobe Photoshop

If you are in the business of graphic design, this is likely the first piece of software you will use. Photoshop is an essential staple in any marketing role as it is super simple to learn, is compatible with many different machines and file types: and allows you to create some amazing pieces of artwork in minutes.


Solidworks is a helpful software tool which is a 3D CAD design and allows you to create industrial products. It is ideal for use if you are looking for a way to create a complex product which needs to be accurately measured and made. It will make your work much faster and allows you to access commands easily.

Alias Autodesk

Autodesk is perhaps the most popular name in the industrial product design world. If you want to have access to every single tool you need for design, engineering and visualisation: this is the perfect tool for you to use. It gives you a comprehensive set of tools which you are able to use in any of the steps of product design and creation.


This is a design software which includes many different features such as a modeler brush, a modelling system, nanomesh and array mesh to make your design much more simple and let you create multiple different options of the same product and make changes to them for different effects.


Rhinoceros is an incredibly popular product designing toll because it allows you to have full freedom with you designing and you are able to draw in free form and in 3D too. This allows you to get a full view of your prototype product and gives you thousands of editing tools to use for your purposes. You can literally create anything with this software and the out a ton of different styles, colour schemes and shapes.

In short there are loads of amazing software opting you can choose to use in your business, so when you next come to designing a new product, you will not be short on choices!

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Walter Guevara

Walter G. is a software engineer with over 10 years of professional experience. When he isn't blogging or being a CTO he enjoys coding randomly complex things that he hopes many people will get a chance to use one day.

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