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When starting your business in the retail industry, you have to be aware that, right up front, the industry as a whole is losing out to online retailers like amazon. But, if you know the challenges ahead of you, and you are determined to fight for your place in the industry, there are a few things you need in place, and these items art online, but rather, they are closer to home. Productivity is an essential component of insuring any business is going as fast and as focused as possible, and this is none truer than in retail. So what are the best tools a retail business requires?

Collaboration Software

The idea of keeping your store connected isn't just for the benefit of the customer. Your staff all need to be on the same page, especially when it comes to those that work only on weekends, in comparison to those that work during the week. Having an app or a digital forum that can delegate in the place of the manager, or using it as a point of reference for every member of staff, helps keep everybody working cohesively, even if they aren't physically working together. This is going to have a profound impact on the culture of the workplace, and your staff will have much more faith in your abilities. It helps to have an organizational tool of this caliber in place regardless.

Quick Payment Systems

Customers want to get in and get out without any fuss. This is why having a point of sale software, as well as card readers, and mobile phone scanners, will make the process easier, not just for the customer but for you. There are so many different payment methods now, that we need to be on top of this so we can cut down the waiting times, and focus on serving the customers’ needs. In other words, you need to be faster than you have ever been before! Human help can do so much when it comes to assisting the customer make a decision, but if you're trying to cut down waiting times and trying to make a concerted effort to speed up your store, the payment process is the most important aspect.

Analytics Tools

It's a common part of the purchasing process, customers are asked to complete a survey. Nine times out of ten they won't do it in store, but they will take it away. These tools are important, as it gives us an idea of specific metrics, which we can then analyzed to tailor our services better to the customer. By having appropriate analytics tools, from the basic communication methods like text message, all the way through to a survey that is detailed and can be sent to a customer via email, will give you invaluable insight into how and why your customers purchase a certain product.

The retail industry is struggling right now, but it is making a comeback. The reason is down to technology. So, for your business to survive, it's important to cut ties with the past and to embrace technology as the dominating factor in improving your retail company.

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Walter Guevara

Walter G. is a software engineer with over 10 years of professional experience. When he isn't blogging or being a CTO he enjoys coding randomly complex things that he hopes many people will get a chance to use one day.

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