Data science features at the top of so many lists of the best careers right now. Data scientists are responsible for analysing huge amounts of digital data and looking for trends. They work in all sorts of different industries but they’re most in demand in the business world where they can analyse website statistics and help companies identify what their next steps should be based on solid evidence. Data science is one of the most sought after jobs at the minute and it seems as though it’ll stay that way for a long while. Here’s why data science is such a great career right now.

Why Data Science Is The Best Career Right Now

There’s Not Enough Talent

Analyzing the statistics is the major part of a data scientists job but that’s not all there is to it. They also need to be able to communicate those findings properly to people that aren’t data scientists, so they need to understand how to translate their incredibly technical findings into easy to understand language. Unfortunately, there is a lack of people with that skill. There is a lack of trained data scientists overall but there’s an even bigger gap in the market for people that have the interpersonal and communication skills to convey their research to the business owners that will then act on it.

The fact that there’s such a gap in the industry means that the people that do have those skills have plenty of great opportunities for work from places like Being one of the few people that has the skills necessary to succeed as a data scientist in the business world also puts you in a good position when it comes to negotiating salary so you can land an incredibly well paid job as a data scientist.

There Are Always New Data Challenges

The way that everybody, including businesses, uses data is always evolving. As we develop new technology with more capacity to produce and store data, there is more and more work for data scientists. The more data we produce, the harder it is to prepare that data for analysis and then comb through it all so the number of positions available is always going to go up. There is also an increasing problem with cyber attacks and in the aftermath of a data breach, you need somebody to do analysis and work out how exactly criminals managed to break through security. When there are new challenges emerging all the time, the need for data scientists is never going to go away, it’ll only grow larger.

They Aren’t Just For Big Tech Firms Anymore

In the early days of data science, they were used primarily by tech giants like Google and Facebook. But in recent years, all sorts of companies have started to realize the potential of data science in decision making. That means even the smallest of companies are starting to employ the services of a good data scientist to help them work out the best possible course of action for their company.

If you’re considering a career change and you don’t mind retraining, data science might be the way to go.

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