While we would all like to be just a bit more productive, it’s even harder when you’re trying to boost an entire team’s efficiency. We are all individuals but, even though each team member may be working great, the team as a whole could be struggling.

Small Ways to Boost Your Team's Productivity

It makes it difficult for business owners to fix as they can’t point to anything specific that’s weighing them down - they’re just not working that great together. Luckily, there are other ways to fix this than to break up the team, though, and they may end up as a faster and stronger group as long as you give them a chance.

Here is a handful of excellent ways to ensure teamwork efficiency so that you can get back to praising them again.

#1 Reward hard work

Sure, they’re not always meeting each target like they’re supposed to, but you still need to point out the tasks they are managing. Rewarding them as a group is important in order to boost that feeling of being a team - and it will encourage them to work better together in the future as well.

Treat them to a team-building experience, for example, where they need to work together on something fun or simply take them out for a lunch once in a while. It may seem like a simple fix but it’s a really powerful way of boosting their connection as a team. Check out www.inc.com/encyclopedia for more ideas on how to reward them.

#2 Set clear and realistic targets

It’s easy to fall off the productivity wagon if you’re working towards goals that are achievable. You might start to give up, in a way, and push them out of your mind completely as they don’t really make any sense.

Clear and realistic targets which the team is able to achieve as long as they work together is the key to success. Try to find ways to track their productivity as well so that you can figure out the kind of targets that work for them; have a look at www.bpmonline.com/l/bpm/software/solutions and give your team the gift of technology in order to work better together.

#3 Establish good communication

Chances are quite high that it is a lack of communication that’s causing the team to struggle - particularly if they tend to work well individually. Make sure that they have the right kind of tools in order to collaborate without any hiccups, and make it clear that you expect them to keep each other informed.

You may want to point out a team leader, for example, if you haven’t already done this. He or she will feel slightly more responsible for ensuring that everyone is informed and up to date, so they will push the others to give that shout once a process or a task is over with.

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