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i'm still blogging somehow

This will mark my 300th blog post since this writing journey began a few years back. And it will be as random as anything else that was written during the past few years.

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5 simple ways to monetize your blog

If you're a blogger, then most likely you began writing because you enjoyed it, and not because you'll be making 6 figures while sipping tea in some remote location in the world. But that's not to say that you can't be a successful blogger that does it full time. There have been many excellent bloggers in past years that made it their full time job to write and that eventually gave rise to many more opportunities for them. For example Jeff Atwood's blog CodingHorror started off as random tech related posts and a good way for a programmer to get his aggression out, but eventually it turned into his full time job, and even more e . . .

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my 5 most popular blog posts in 2016

Another marker in our society signifying the passing of time just occurred, and while I don't hold much regard to it, since every single day only happens once per year, many people do. So in celebration of this milestone, I went ahead and dug up my 5 most popular posts for 2016.

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localizing this blog in spanish

It recently dawned on me that I speak the Spanish language. Not in a "I got my PhD in Spanish" from some far off university way, but in a my parents speak Spanish and so do I way. Just recently I wrote about the importance of sharing your code and with that new ways to help me achieve that have come to light. And so to go along with that new found (or newly realized) knowledge, I have decided to begin the long and arduous journey of site localization on this blog and to begin writing posts in both English and Spanish and whatever language I can keep up in my time. This post will not be a how to on site localization however, as that would take me a good while and a fair number of examples and pros and cons and hair pulling and such. But in a future post I will cover what I did in order to localize this website and I will give a fairly general template that you can use as well if you wish to do the same.

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"sometimes you have to delete, to find your answer"
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