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how to fix autocorrect

I have auto-correct turned on all the time on my phone, but I hate it. Can't stand it. And for the life of me, I can't understand why I keep using it. Probably because it tricks my mind into thinking that I'm typing super fast, when in reality I'm spending a relatively large amount of time correcting every other word.

. . .
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the pitfalls of using a cms

If you've ever held an office them, then you've seen them. And you probably hate them. I know I do. I've used everything from Drupal to Wordpress to Ektron and back and all I can say is, it's the reason that I quit programming for companies and decided to go solo. Using a CMS is fun and exciting at first, from a management perspective. But from a programmer's perspective, there are very few things that are less rewarding.

So today I'll be going over some of those pitfalls and going into detail, along with some personal work horror stories.

For one, they're everywhere

I'm sure that most websites online today use a CMS. Wordpress more than likely. It's free and . . .

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android wear just came out with a slew of new features

Android Wear 5.0 Lollipop Has Arrived!

It took a while, but Google has finally gotten around to updating their Android Wear OS for smartwatches and bumped up that version number to the latest 5.0 Lollipop release and I for one couldn't be happier. Just having started a new job, in which cellphone use is somewhat limited, I've found myself using my LG G Watch more and more. I get all of my text based notifications, such as email alerts and SMS and What's App messages right on my wrist within seconds and just a quick look down and swipe and I'm done. While it would be nice t . . .

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is the future written in code?

This week was a historic week for computer programming, as our President became the first in history to "write" a computer program. He sat down and learned what a program was and typed some keywords presumably, and it compiled or interpreted or what have you and in doing so made a pretty big statement about a potential future where technology is leading our society. It's no secret that technology is huge as it is embedded in every part of our daily lives nowadays. With hundreds of start ups starting daily and dying daily, the state of technology is at an all time high I'd like to think.

Software development is a great field to study and it can be rewarding, challenging, and oth . . .

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the pitfalls of working with others frameworks

I'm losing my perspicacity.

This weekend I was busy working on an Angular module for an admin I built for one of my websites. Everything was going fine, until I decided to add paging to the whole thing. I didn't need to really, but I wanted to try out something new as new development gets harder and harder for me to find time for. So a quick Googling led me to a few sources that I could just plug and play. There was a problem though. Unlike with the awesome example that was shown on screen, mine resulted in random non legible warnings and errors that I had to sit there and decipher. Hours later, I had a working sample using my own data, but there was a problem again. I had abso . . .

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code cleanup mondays

This is something that I might start doing on Monday's. I'll run through my code and document my findings and fixes and tips and such for anyone out there who may have more code than they know what to do with. I've spent today cleaning up the code from a few of my sites as I like to do on occasion. Sometimes code gets stale and I end up with variables, functions, classes and whole pages that I'm not using anymore. They sit there, confusing me whenever I glance over at them. Worse off, they sit there slowing down my compilation time and my page load time. I recommend every developer refactor their code every so often. At previous companies I've worked at, the lead develop . . .

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bing torque and ok google comparison

Microsoft just released their "OK Google" competitor for Android Wear, Bing Torque. Torque is a Bing powered voice search application for Android Wear devices. It works similar to "OK Google" but with it's own layout and Bing search algorithms. And with Microsoft not having too much experience with current gen wearables, until the just announced Microsoft Band that is, or even Android really, I was expecting sort of a flop. However, I was very pleasantly surprised by it. It looks great for one, and it ended up solving a big issue that I had with my smartwatch, and that is the task of talking to it in order for it to do something. Even just tapping a smar . . .

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database normalization is good and bad

Every developer does it subconsciously nowadays. We create a database schema and we normalize it without thinking about it. At least I hope we do. We let the data speak for itself. Sometimes that doesn't turn out so well, and sometimes it isn't terrible. There are several goals when designing a database that I try to keep in mind. A few include reducing the amount of duplicate data, making the data clear and readable and reducing the number of changes needed to the code whenever new data sets are introduced. It's always nice coming back to an old project and having it make sense without having to relearn how it works.

Database Normalization is . . .

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the project graveyard: where software goes to die

Every developer I know has one thing in common. It's not a great thing, but it goes with the territory. I came to accept it and learn what I can from it. What is this magical thing? Dozens to hundreds of started projects that were never completed lying dormant in our hard-drives. Personally, looking at my projects directory at this moment, I have 115 projects total, and only about 10 are actual websites that are completed. The rest are alien to me. Vague names give me an idea of what I was thinking at the time, but not much else. I'm sure 5 years ago, these . . .

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my home desk setup

If you're like me, you sit in front of a computer all day long writing about how you sit in front of a desk all day long sometimes. And working on stuff in between. As such, comfort is important in order to reduce the amount of time being wasted and increase levels of productivity. At previous jobs I normally just work with what I have whether it be a laptop with 1gb of RAM and a battery life of 1.5 hours or an outdated PC that shuts off at 5pm daily. And that definitely causes huge problems when trying to get things done. At home, it's different. It's your own projects,ideas,decisions,bad decisions that go down throughout the day. This is how I get my work done when I'm at home. I've be . . .

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