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The Good And The Bad At Windows Live Event This Year
The Good And The Bad At Windows Live Event This Year

Microsoft's Windows Live Event went down today, and it was a fun time. 3D took the major focus, and we got some new hardware debuted. First, let's talk about what I liked from the event.

The hardware was awe inspiring, and I won't take anything away from that. Incredibly powerful and incredibly versatile. They pushed the limits on technology with this one. This is the Windows Surface Studio. The only workstation that you'll probably ever need. Everything from the zero-gravity hinge to the 32GB of RAM, to the insane pixel density would in themselves make amazing features

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Checking Out The Microsoft Edge Developer Tools
Checking Out The Microsoft Edge Developer Tools

I just download my fresh copy of Windows 10, which if you haven't you can either wait for it to install automatically if you qualify for the free upgrade, or you can download it yourself from the official download page. Tons of new features to check out in Windows 10, and if you're a web developer then you can take a look at the newest f12 developer tools for Edge, Microsoft's newest web browser.

How To Run Windows 10 Technical Preview On A Virtual Machine
How To Run Windows 10 Technical Preview On A Virtual Machine

Windows 10 is currently out and it is buggy as heck. As it should be, as it is still in it's Technical Preview phase. But it is quickly growing in usage which is awesome to see. Over 1 million people have signed up to take the Windows 8 follow up for a spin and share their opinions on it. More surprisingly according to this latest Microsoft post is that many people are currently using the system heavily, as in not just taking it for a test spin on a spare laptop or Virtual Machine but more using it in their day to day activities. According to the numbers only 36% of install are currently on VM's and the rest make up full installs on PCs. It could be because most people have probably never heard of Virtual Machines, and if that is so, then read on as I'll be going through the steps to install and run Windows 10 Tech Preview on VirtualBox.

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