setting up your first website on arvixe.com

Setting up a website is a time-consuming process usually that has a learning curve and isn't the most fun. Each hosting provider does it differently and has their own tools to get the job done. So here is a quick guide to doing so using Arvixe.com, which is the hosting provider that I've been using for a few years now. I'll be showing the setup of a basic ASP.NET website, but the steps are pretty much the same for PHP as I'll be doing most operations through the control panel provided by Arvixe. And if this is your first time using Arvixe.com, you can save an extra 20% off your first invoice by using the code SOFTWAREDUDE.

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web hosting provider arvixe.com review

If you are thinking of starting your own website, then the first step you should take is picking a good and reliable hosting provider. And I definitely recommend using Arvixe.com for your many hosting needs. I personally have been using them for years, and I have zero complaints. They have great uptime, their support gets back to me within hours of me submitting tickets, and best of all their prices are very competitive, particularly as I require a Windows environment to run my .NET websites, and many other providers charge considerably more for that.

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