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A 5 Minute Guide To CSS Animations
A 5 Minute Guide To CSS Animations

If you are looking to add a splash of design to your existing websites, then CSS animations are a simple and quick way to do so, and they have a few benefits over the traditional use of JavaScript animations. For one, and the most important I think, you don't have to worry about math and geometry as the browser will take care of that for you. Many are put off by adding animations because for sure they are not simple. Even just sliding a text paragraph into focus on page load can be a bit tricky in the traditional JavaScript way. You'll have to worry about managing timers and setting coordinates yourself with plenty more room for error. Whereas with Animations, it is just a few style rules away.

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A 5 Minute Guide To CSS Transitions
A 5 Minute Guide To CSS Transitions

CSS transitions have been out for a bit now, but many websites still don't make full use of them, unfortunately. And they should, as they provide a clean mechanism for creating smoother animations and better-looking sites. This works in guiding users and giving them subtle queues on how a site works. Fading out an element for example. Or moving an item on a certain action. All important queues. And also, they just look nice. It gives a website a more fluid feel overall.

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A Quick 5 Minute Guide To CSS Media Queries
A Quick 5 Minute Guide To CSS Media Queries

CSS3 Media Queries are one of the best things to happen to front-end development since that terrible blink tag was deprecated eons ago and it stopped working on MySpace backgrounds. Media queries are expressions that limit the scope of styled elements depending on media features like width and height and resolution. In other words depending on the type of output device, screen width, screen height you can render specifically targeted CSS rules to your elements.

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