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Turning Down A Job Offer
Turning Down A Job Offer

It's job hunting season for those fresh out of college, so here is, what I would hope is, helpful info for anyone that's too eager to start working. When you're looking for a job and you hear those two magic words, "you're hired!" you drop everything and sign on the dotted line, usually. A part of looking for the right job is also knowing when to turn down a job as well. I've turned down jobs in the past for various reasons and it's awkward, I'll say that. But sometimes it's necessary. Especially if you're going to be working there 5 days a week for the next couple of years. That's a big chunk of your life on the line there. Everyone has their own reasons for turning down a job, and the following are a few of my own. Important note though, if you need a job, then take it, and take it fast.

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How Much Do I Make As A Web Developer?
How Much Do I Make As A Web Developer?
How Much Do I Make As A Web Developer?

A while back the twitter hashtag #talkpay went for a viral spin and people were encouraged to post their job titles and salary in an attempt to showcase pay inequality. And more than enough people were more than happy to post theirs up and it got people talking. Companies like Buffer joined the cause and posted all of their employees salaries and they even shared the formula that they use to determine those salaries. And to be honest, it all seemed incredibly fair. You had people with the exact same titles who had tens of thousands of dollars separating them, but then you looked at the formula, and it just made sense.

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How To Write A Good Technical Resume For a Programmer
How To Write A Good Technical Resume For a Programmer

I've read tons of articles and how to's on how to write the "perfect resume". And I've followed many of those standards and rules throughout the years myself. Many contradict each other, and many more might not make sense, but people follow those rules because there's not much else to go on really. Then, I started to interview potential candidates at my last job and I realized that all those tips that people pick up make for a really crappy interview. You can tell immediately that the person gets nervous whenever you look at their resume, as if they're hiding some terrible secret. They've spent months crafting the perfect literature and are waiting for the review. Whereas interviewees with colorful and lively resumes are more relaxed and look forward to being questioned about their skills.

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