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How To Become A Full Stack Developer
How To Become A Full Stack Developer

Full stack developers are hard to come by nowadays, just ask any hiring manager at most companies. Even myself, working for a startup, I personally get to be a part of that hunt. And it isn't fun and it's time consuming. It's not so much that's it a difficult thing to do, but more that it's a long term commitment that many programmers don't get the opportunity to do at their cubicle jobs. I know from personal experience as for many years I hated CSS, JavaScript, databases, etc. and I avoided them religiously.

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Working As A Full Stack Developer
Working As A Full Stack Developer

I've been a 'full-stack' developer for the better part of 6 years now, and it's been an amazing time. In comparison to when I was just that "programming" guy, it's much more rewarding and many times more stressful, for a variety of reasons, which I'll go over today. And it didn't happen organically I'm afraid. You can program every single day until the Moon leaves Earth eventually, but you will not get to the full stack phase without actively going for it.

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