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The Top 5 Best Google Inbox Features So Far
The Top 5 Best Google Inbox Features So Far
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Google released it's latest productivity tool, Inbox, a few weeks ago to a very limited number of people, and I missed the boat on that one. But thanks to their recent "Happy Hour" giveaway, I managed to snag an invite and have spent the past week trying it out. Inbox is Googles solution to cluttered email accounts everywhere. And as someone who has thousands of important emails that I'll read one day, it is a sigh of fresh air. Google Inbox aims to change the way you look at emails by automatically "bundling" them into their own sections and getting rid of them whenever you don't need them anymore, a concept all too foreign to me.

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Ok Google On Desktop Is A Start
Ok Google On Desktop Is A Start
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Google just released their newest "OK Google" feature on the Chrome Browser for all to revel in and enjoy and it is..ok. Personally, I've been using the feature on my phone mainly to test the limits of the software, and to feel like I'm in some cyberpunk society with augmented reality and bio-enhancements. One day. On my phone it sometimes makes sense. Smartphone keyboards are one of the last few remaining sources of frustration for me. It would be cool to have a "Ok Google" feature globally no matter where I am on my phone, but for now it being 1 button click away isn't too bad. Is it still awkward to speak to a non-living thing in public? You betcha, but sometimes it's just convenient.

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