how to not burnout as a programmer

Programmer burnout is a common occurrence in this day and age. And probably back in the day too. It's hard to imagine that people like Alan Turing didn't go through some kind of burnout in their lives. But burnout in general with any job is possible. Just recently Elon Musk shared a few tweets that painted the picture that many entrepreneurs and in his case engineers face at some point in their lives that not many people will openly discuss. So good for you Elon.

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using a standing desk for 6 months

Like many office workers, I had a long history of being a paper weight for office chairs. And I've tried all the chairs in life, believe me. Regular office chairs, extra large "I feel like I'm 5 again" office chairs and the pricier chairs that are supposed to miraculously cure my back. And after 10 years, my back just got worse and worse, and my posture got more abstract and artistic, much like a 19th century art piece.

Driving for an extended 2 hours per day did not help this situation and I was on a fast road to becoming an oval of some kind. Which is why 6 months ago, I decided to jump on the standing desk band-wagon once again and to go all out with it. I've tried standing . . .

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how to be a healthy programmer in 2017

This is the year that you shed a few pounds, quit that stressful job or take that long awaited vacation in some remote island where your body can heal for a few weeks. Or go for a walk. Those are good too. Or all of the above if you so wish. But if you're a programmer, this is probably going to be harder than it should be. Not because programming is particularly grueling or stressful. But because of how we've come to mold a programmer's work environment in this day and age. Many a time this involves small cramped spaces with little to no sunlight and a plethora of snacks overflowing from a makeshift kitchen. But it doesn't have to be.

In my time, I've eaten every snack food ava . . .

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why programming can take a toll on your health

If you look at the top 10 healthiest jobs in the world, being a software developer won't be in the top 100. For obvious reasons. Mainly, that you sit for 8-18 hours a day. And it doesn't matter whether or not you're in one of those fancy smashncy $400 office chairs either. Sitting is sitting. Muscles atrophy, shoulders slump, your neck tilts forward and your brain kinda just sits there waiting for some cool stuff to happen all day, but it never does. And when you think it's about to, yeah, it never does.

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one week with the microsoft band

The multi-platform Microsoft Band came out about a week ago in limited quantities and only in the US for now and irregardless of funds, I decided to pick it up. Microsoft's first attempt into the fitness tracking / smartwatch world was not going to be missed by me. The fitness tracker / smartwatch hosts a slew of sensors that measure you're every move throughout your day from sleep to workout and everything in between really. The Band features smartwatch like notifications from your phone, and if you have a Windows Phone you get voice control features as well with Cortana. You can check out my unboxing and first impressions here.

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"sometimes you have to delete, to find your answer"
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