top 5 coding blunders

No matter how many people learn it, and how many online schools open up for it, working on software is hard. Whether it's a mobile app, or a website, or a spacecraft rocketing across the planet, they all need software to tell it what to do next and to make sure it does it efficiently and safely. That's not always the case however. Sometimes this software tells a satellite to do something wrong, millions of times per second. Sometimes these bugs are just an inconvenience but other times they can cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

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programmers who said goodbye to coding

Programming professionally can be a rewarding and fun life long career, sometimes. It depends on where you work more than anything. It can also be a tedious and life sucking journey that leads to sitting for 8 x 5 x 4 x 12 = 1920 hours per year in an uncomfortable chair if you're not careful. I've felt both ways through my career. To some, it is more the latter and sometimes they do something about it. And so here is a list of some notable people who said enough is enough, and gave up the world of for loops and TPS reports to do something completely different in their pursuit of happiness.

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"sometimes you have to delete, to find your answer"
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