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Humble Bundle PC And Android 11
Humble Bundle PC And Android 11

The Humble Bundle PC and Android 11 has just hit the interwebs, and I am surprisingly excited. If you read the previous post about the Humble Bundle Indie Bundle then you will know that I am a noob in the HumbleBundle department. And for those that are also noobs, the Humble Bundle is a group of games sold at a "name your own price" value with a minimum of 1$. By giving the minimum you will receive a subset of the bundles games all DRM free and also accessible on Steam and ready for your playing pleasure. If you donate a few bucks more, passing the average donation, you will

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Humble Indie Bundle 12
Humble Indie Bundle 12

I've been hearing alot about Humble Indie Bundle from friends for a while so I decided to check it out. I'm not a huge fan of Indie games in general, but it seems that as of late, I'm not really a fan of non-indie games anymore either, so this deal comes at a perfect time for me to try out new things. For those new to the Humble Bundle, it is essentially a group of Indie games at a ridiculous set your own price price, who's proceeds go to charity and/or the developer split. They usually run for a set time frame, usually about two weeks. You can pay as much as you want for the games, and if you pay more than the average donated,

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