it disasters to avoid at all costs: the small business owner's guide

When you run a small business, you need to know what is going on in every department, and IT is no exception to that rule. After all, profits can be slim, and the smallest things can make a big difference to whether you end up in the black or fall into the red. With that in mind check out our small business owner’s guide to IT below that specifically deals with disasters, and how it's possible to avoid to avoid them.

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common faux pas business owners make with it

For small business owners, often their priority is learning about the industry that they have gone into, and for this reason, often effective IT practices can get overlooked. In today’s busy society, where businesses are popping up here, there and everywhere, and small businesses have to constantly focus to keep up with their competitors and the ever-changing landscape of business, often the latest tech and computer news is missed, as are security threats.

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i.t.'s down to you, but these pros and cons could help you decide

No matter what your enterprise, the chances are that you use IT often. It may be that you work with remote staff who can only communicate with you online. Or, perhaps you own an office, and staff spend large portions of the day on computers. Even in the retail sector, IT is essential for online sales and keeping up with customers.

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how to stop worrying and love your it systems

Regardless of what business you run, nowadays the reliance on the tech and the internal network connecting all your devices to your digital resources is likely to play a major role. If you’re unprepared for the responsibility of maintaining such a system, it can soon be a lot more trouble than it’s worth, leading to downtime, troubleshooting conundrums, and disgruntled employees. It doesn’t have to be that way, however. Here’s how you get on top of the office IT system and cross it off your list of worries.

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