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Loot Crate October 2014 Unboxing
Loot Crate October 2014 Unboxing

This is probably my favorite LootCrate so far. And not just because of the awesome Cat/Skull shirt. But of course that helped. This months crate features the Fear theme and included items from Sharknado, Dead Rising 3, cats in skull shaped formations and a Walking Dead exclusive comic among a few other items. A good number of exclusives this time around, which is awesome, because where else are you going to get this stuff.

How To Survive A Sharknado

Loot Crate September 2014 Unboxing
Loot Crate September 2014 Unboxing

Another month and more stuff to add to the old desk. This months LootCrate had some really cool items in it. The theme was Galactic and galactic it was. This is my 5th or 6th Loot Crate I believe, and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. As an avid (sort of) toy and figure and shirt and awesome stuff collector, Loot Crate keeps me rolling in product, at a fantastic price. And no, I do not get paid by Loot Crate to make those statements ^_^ It also helps unknown artists and toy companies get a bit of notoriety in a

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May 2014 Loot Crate Unboxing
May 2014 Loot Crate Unboxing
adventure time tin

It's that time of the month again. The time for my desk to be more cluttered than the 30 days before it. In a good way. Just got my May "Adventure" themed LootCrate yesterday, and spent the day positioning the many awesome things on my desk. Once again this month, the loots were spoiled for me early thanks to Instagram and the fine folks who get the crate surprisingly early the way I see it -_- Regardless of when the surprise was spoiled, it was still cool seeing what was coming my way.

This months the

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My First Loot Crate April 2014 Unboxing
My First Loot Crate April 2014 Unboxing
loot crate nord

After months of seeing all the awesome things being sent out to the many geeky peoplez of the world through LootCrate, I decided to jump on board for a 3 month subscription. I'm a bit late on posting the April box, as there were shipping delays and I unfortunately received my crate about a week after most people. However, LootCrate apologized, answered my questions in good time after I inquired as to why my crate hadn't shipped yet, and kept me informed all the way to me receiving it.

Also unfortunate was that I received the email summarizing

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