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7 tips for handling a bad boss like a champ

If we could have it all out own way, then we’d work in a job with love, with colleagues who are our friends, and for a boss that couldn’t get any better. Alas, this is the real world, and in today’s day and age, we’re lucky if we’re able to have even one of those criteria in our professional life. Of those three, it’s the boss that can cause the most trouble, since they have the most power of the tone of the office and is a person we have to report to directly. But you don’t just to accept your professional fate; there are things you can do, as we’ll see below.

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5 desk essentials when you work in tech

Any desk needs a few essentials to help you do your job, and when you work in tech - you might find the requirements are a bit different. Sure, you’ve got your computer and your phone plus the usual desk setup, but what about those other items that can help you make it through the day? If you work in tech (or are shopping for someone who does), take a look at these five great desk essentials.

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programming in cubicles vs open floor plans

There are main 2 ways that you'll be working in an office environment if you're a programmer. And that's either in a cubicle, which we've seen plenty of in movies and such, and there is the open space plan, which many new companies are adopting. Many notable companies, like Google and Apple, are setting the bar high by removing boundaries and getting their employees to coexist together in large expanses of open space. And that's a pretty fantastic idea for the most part. At least in theory and in aesthetics. But it doesn't come without its shortcomings.

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