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This Is Why You Should Be Learning PHP
This Is Why You Should Be Learning PHP

As a .NET developer for the past decade it is a bit odd that I would go out of my way to talk up PHP and to try to create a case for using it. But a recent online conversation which I noticed between several young programmers has spurred it. It was a somewhat foolhardy attack on PHP. Not because of any technical reason against PHP, as that would require a somewhat senior level programmer to infer. But just on the counts that no one really talks about PHP anymore, so it is taken as a dying and outdated language. JavaScript, React and Python are the current trending languages if you spend some time on the social media sites. And if you're not in the big 3, then you're going to miss out and you'll be left behind.

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Trying Out PHP Using WebMatrix
Trying Out PHP Using WebMatrix

If you're programming on a Windows machine, then chances are you probably haven't dabbled much in PHP. So today let's take PHP for a spin using Microsoft's WebMatrix IDE.

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