this is why you should be learning php

As a .NET developer for the past decade it is a bit odd that I would go out of my way to talk up PHP and to try to create a case for using it. But a recent online conversation which I noticed between several young programmers has spurred it. It was a somewhat foolhardy attack on PHP. Not because of any technical reason against PHP, as that would require a somewhat senior level programmer to infer. But just on the counts that no one really talks about PHP anymore, so it is taken as a dying and outdated language. JavaScript, React and Python are the current trending languages if you spend some time on the social media sites. And if . . .

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trying out php using webmatrix

If you're programming on a Windows machine, then chances are you probably haven't dabbled much in PHP. So today let's take PHP for a spin using Microsoft's WebMatrix IDE.

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"sometimes you have to delete, to find your answer"
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