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the arduous journey to a faster website

Every now and then I'll run a page audit on one of my websites and then immediately become depressed when I see the results. It's hard to keep up with the speed needs of the people online nowadays. And it's even harder to keep up with Google's standards for good speed. People like videos and images and higher quality, and all of these things tend to affect the speed of your sites. And what may be fast today, might be crawling in 6 months. So needless today, speed is a tough nut to crack.

People like videos and images and higher quality

For many reasons. Sometimes we add heavy content to our webpages, and sometimes we update the code and usually ignore th . . .

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site optimization with pagespeed part 1

I previously posted the results that PageSpeed gave me in regards to the performance of one of my sites. The results were probably on par with alot of sites out in the interwebs. It actually did better than sites I've worked with professionally. But still, there is always room for improvement. So I'll cover a few of those warnings, and what I did about them, if anything, here.

Prefer Synchronous Resources

Simple enough. I have several snippets of javascript loading synchronously. To be specific, Google+ and Adsense. Synchronous javascript ca . . .

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"sometimes you have to delete, to find your answer"
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