4 reasons to hire a programmer as your next employee

Computer programmers have a wide set of skills. There’s not much they can’t do with a computer and their expertise in the tech industry gives them a lot of knowledge that can be put to use in almost any business. But for those that don’t understand what a software developer does or how they work, it can be a strange concept.

4 Reasons to Hire a Programmer as Your Next Employee
Programmers can make a huge impact on how your company functions. (Source)

To give you an idea of what a programmer can bring to a business, here are four reasons to hire one as your next employee.

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the next generation of programmers

Online coding classes are all the rage this year. In lieu of attending a university for 4 years to earn a degree in order to become a software developer, you can now do the same in 35 hours of an online course. And rightfully so, as it seems more and more likely that the machines will take over sometime in the near future. Eventually right? Given enough time and advancement, it's bound to happen. So it's a good bet that a good portion of the next generation of programmer's will come from the coding marketplaces that are sprouting up online. The question that arises of course is, is the lack of overall technical knowledge detrimental to the next few decades of technological advancement.

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the programmer

No language is better than any other. Those are strange thoughts that certain people with affinities for their own programming languages tend to perpetuate. Just as addition isn't any "better" than division, so C# isn't any better than PHP and vice versa. In the big battle for language supremacy, we tend to forget about one key component in that battle. And that is the programmer. The person who will piece together the logic using their years of accumulated knowledge. It's not the language that makes a great product. It's the programmer using a language that will achieve this.

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how to not burnout as a programmer

Programmer burnout is a common occurrence in this day and age. And probably back in the day too. It's hard to imagine that people like Alan Turing didn't go through some kind of burnout in their lives. But burnout in general with any job is possible. Just recently Elon Musk shared a few tweets that painted the picture that many entrepreneurs and in his case engineers face at some point in their lives that not many people will openly discuss. So good for you Elon.

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programmers who said goodbye to coding

Programming professionally can be a rewarding and fun life long career, sometimes. It depends on where you work more than anything. It can also be a tedious and life sucking journey that leads to sitting for 8 x 5 x 4 x 12 = 1920 hours per year in an uncomfortable chair if you're not careful. I've felt both ways through my career. To some, it is more the latter and sometimes they do something about it. And so here is a list of some notable people who said enough is enough, and gave up the world of for loops and TPS reports to do something completely different in their pursuit of happiness.

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