the css behind a responsive site

It’s been impossible for a company to get by without a website for a very long time, now. Over the last couple of decades, this sort of platform has become more and more essential, becoming something which a lot of people use every day. Of course, though, a lot of web standards were made before phones ever existed. The appearance of so many different devices can make it hard to create a site which works on any screen. Thankfully, though, this post is here to help you, and it will be going through some of the CSS behind a responsive website.

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coding a calendar in javascript

The following is a responsive, pure JavaScript only calendar that anybody can implement, modify, update, etc in under 5 minutes.

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how to make responsive html tables

The beloved HTML table is one of the oldest elements on the web and one of the most used elements. It's incredibly important, for a number of reason which I'll cover down below. And sadly, it doesn't get the attention it deserves and I think it's a bit outdated by today's mobile-first standards.

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