how to write a technical resume for programmers

A new year is fast approaching and that means it might be time to do something different. Which might just mean finding a new job. So keeping your resume up to date and polished can become pretty important.

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how to write a good technical resume for a programmer

I've read tons of articles and how to's on how to write the "perfect resume". And I've followed many of those standards and rules throughout the years myself. Many contradict each other, and many more might not make sense, but people follow those rules because there's not much else to go on really. Then, I started to interview potential candidates at my last job and I realized that all those tips that people pick up make for a really crappy interview. You can tell immediately that the person gets nervous whenever you look at their resume, as if they're hiding some terrible secret. They've spent months crafting the perfect literature and are waiting for the review. Whereas interviewees with colorful and lively resumes are more relaxed and look forward to being questioned about their skills.

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