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Why I'm switching to Firefox this year
Why I'm switching to Firefox this year

It finally happened. After years and years of service, I have decided to say adios to Google Chrome (maybe just for now) and say hello to Firefox once again. Firefox was the first browser that I ever used heavily back in the day and at some point after Chrome caught my eye, I left it in the dust sitting in some version which is no longer supported.

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First Impressions of Microsoft SQL Operations Studio
First Impressions of Microsoft SQL Operations Studio

Microsoft recently unveiled their new Microsoft SQL Operations Studio (in preview) application for Windows, Linux, and Mac. SQL Operations Studio is a lightweight and free management software for SQL Server much like SQL Server Management Studio. Nowadays, any full-stack developer will spend about half of their dev time in the database. Whether it be updating sprocs or generating reports or removing unused data, a solid database management system is key to perform well and to not waste too much time.

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Spending The Day With Opera Neon
Spending The Day With Opera Neon

While not dominant in the world of web browsing, Opera hasn't given up hope just yet. It is still around and it looks like they are trying to step up their game with their newest Neon browser. And one thing is for certain. This is indeed a beautiful looking browser. Opera is marketing it as the future of web surfing. It features a very minimalistic look and feel and it essentially acts like its own self-sustained desktop. Desktop "icons" litter your home screen with your favorite websites. A screenshot of the site itself becomes the icon if no other icon is found, making for a clean searching experience.

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Taking Visual Studio Code For A Spin
Taking Visual Studio Code For A Spin

If there's one thing that's for certain about Microsoft, it is that their IDE's are some of the best in the industry. And for any developer, this is a huge part of their programming life. Sure you can make and edit a website using just notepad and the old noggin'. But having a trusty aid by your side making sure you do it correctly is definitely beneficial. Visual Studio Code is one of Microsoft's latest creations that debuted a few months ago and that over 1 million people have downloaded already, and I'm finally taking it for a spin.

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