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Taking The Gear VR For A Test Drive
Taking The Gear VR For A Test Drive

For the past year, everyone online has been fascinated by VR. Virtual Reality, like the kind that we see in Anime and movies. Nobody I know has ever used a VR device, and that's mainly due to the fact that there aren't any real commercially viable options out there for regular people. Last year I bought the Oculus DK2 just to come to the realization that my 4-year-old laptop was not a gaming rig, and so it pretty much just looked like a PS2 game and 90% of the time crashed my computer. VR is tough apparently. People swear by this though. They assure you that it's pretty much like being there, wherever there may be at the time. Lucky for me, I just picked up a Galaxy S6 Edge to replace my aging LG G2 from a time long gone. And luckily again, Samsung has jumped on board the VR train and has come out with their own headset.

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Oculus Rift DK2 Unboxing and First Impressions
Oculus Rift DK2 Unboxing and First Impressions

I've heard tons of people talk about the Oculus DK2 and praise it for its magnificence. I've never tried it personally, but I wondered what it was that they were seeing that was so jaw dropping. And why were so many damn people falling on their faces when trying the virtual roller coasters. These questions needed answers. So I picked up the Google Cardboard to test out the waters. Although no where near the level of the Oculus, it gave me an idea of what I could expect. Shortly after that I decided to bite the bullet and pick one up. The Oculus site estimated about 1-2 weeks for shipping and they were right on it. I got the shipping notification about 7 days in, and it shipped 1 more day after that. Living close to Oculus HQ, it was set to arrive the next day. And it was a Friday! Awesome way to start the weekend, or so I thought.

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First Time Impressions Of The Google Cardboard
First Time Impressions Of The Google Cardboard

During Google I/O last year (2014) Google handed out a mysterious piece of cardboard to all attendees. It was both a joke and an amazing accomplishment at once. Not everyone can spend 350$ for an Oculus Rift or even more for the latest competitors in the mix. But everyone..has access to cardboard and most people nowadays have access to a smartphone. Google's "Cardboard" was a VR headmount that would accommodate pretty much any smartphone, and more importantly, it could be built out of cheap parts that anyone could find and assemble. Google offers the Cardboard's blueprints for free here and a list of the parts you'll need as well. Most things can be found on Amazon for a few bucks.

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