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The Nintendo Switch Is My Next Console
The Nintendo Switch Is My Next Console
Why I'm Finally Buying A New Console And It's Nintendo's Switch

As many could tell yesterday, the hype and excitement for Nintendo's newest console codenamed "NX", actual name "Switch" was real. And you could tell because their website was down for a good part of the day. And the 10 million plus views on the reveal trailer say alot as well. As someone who's been a Nintendo fan since 1989, when I received my first NES and played it until my television had irradiated a percentage of my body, I was equally as hyped. And it did not disappoint and in fact exceeded all of my expectations.

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"Console Wars" Brings Back Retro Memories: Review

Console Wars is an entertaining and very thorough look at one of the greatest gaming rivalries of all time. Every console generation we see it rear it's head. Two companies going head to head in a bid to win over the holiday season with new awesome ways to procrastinate. Back in the day you were either a Nintendo guy or a Sega guy. I was a Sega guy. It just looked sleeker and the games were a bit faster and a tad more colorful. And you got one of the awesomest games ever made right off the bat. Of course, now thinking back on it I missed out on games like Super Mario RPG, Killer Instinct, The Legend of Zelda series and Final Fantasy games. That's..alot of games thinking

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My Tomodachi Life Got Out Of Hand
My Tomodachi Life Got Out Of Hand
My Tomodachi Life Got Out Of Hand

Tomodachi Life just came out for the Nintendo 3DS and my curiosity took the best of me and I picked it up on release day. Very q

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Why I'm Going Back To Old Skool Video Games
Why I'm Going Back To Old Skool Video Games

The first console I ever played as a kid was the Atari "something or other", and it was not fun..like by alot. I was just a kid, but I knew that couldn't possibly be any fun for anyone. Lucky for me it was not mine, just a neighbor whom I would frequent when bored. But I was a huge fan of those handheld Tiger handhelds and other off brand game systems from the late 80's and early 90's. I played until the highest possible score on those devices, and

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"A Dark Room" Text Game Review
a dark room

"A Dark Room" is text only game made by doublespeak games written in Javascript. It's a single player adventure/RPG type of game reminiscent of games back before I was born, so I can't exactly say when. But a long time ago for sure. I played this game to completion while waiting for my code to "compile" at my last job, and this is what I thought. No spoilers. I will try my hardest, because it definitely needs to be experienced.

The Story

Because every good game needs one. Except in this ca

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