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getting started with xamarin and visual studio 2015 part 1

Write once, run everywhere is the ultimate goal when writing software. As well it should be. The more code you have to maintain, the more expensive, time consuming and error prone that code will become as time progresses. Lucky for us there are various multi-platform solutions out there at our disposal. Some free and some not so much. Just recently Microsoft acquired one of the largest of those companies, Xamarin.

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setting up git remotely in visual studio

When working with a team on a programming task, source control becomes a necessity and Git is the dominating force in this area. So today I'll be covering how to set up your remote Git repo to work with your Visual Studio projects. It's a relatively straightforward process that requires some knowledge of how the Git commands transfer over to Visual Studio menu's and options and dialogs and such.

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taking visual studio code for a spin

If there's one thing that's for certain about Microsoft, it is that their IDE's are some of the best in the industry. And for any developer, this is a huge part of their programming life. Sure you can make and edit a website using just notepad and the old noggin'. But having a trusty aid by your side making sure you do it correctly is definitely beneficial. Visual Studio Code is one of Microsoft's latest creations that debuted a few months ago and that over 1 million people have downloaded already, and I'm finally taking it for a spin.

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