10 Tips Every Video Game Developer Should Know

10 Tips Every Video Game Developer Should Know

Developing video games is a fun opportunity to put your technical and artistic talents to work in the gaming business. In addition, a profession as a video game developer encourages you to make a living off your love for video games.

Game development is an interesting industry, and it's gaining more popularity than before. As a result, more people are now exploring careers as video game developers and designers.

If you're an aspiring video game developer or one, here are some tips that might be helpful for you:

1. Know The Difference

While the terms 'game developer' and 'game designer' are frequently used synonymously, they have somewhat distinct meanings. If you're into the gaming industry, it's crucial that you grasp these distinctions.

The term 'video game design' applies to the numerous creative elements involved with creating the game. Usually, a video game designer collaborates with the team on the following aspects of the game:

  • Object Design
  • Animation
  • Mood
  • Style
  • Characters
  • Settings
  • Mechanics

Essentially, most jobs relating to the game's artistic or imaginative concepts are created by a designer. These concepts are usually represented by drawings, artworks, or storyboards. While designers have a common idea of the technical aspects of the game, the programming and coding are undertaken by another set of people.

Video game developers, also known as programmers, use codes to process the ideas generated by the designer to create an interactive, functional game. They also team up to oversee various aspects of the game, such as character creation, layout, and gameplay.

2. Learn Computer Programming

Programming is used to build the game's fascinating setting. Thus, it makes sense that you must be familiar with it to be a game developer. It would be awesome if you already have an advanced understanding of programming languages. Otherwise, it's recommended that you study programming to pursue game development.

Although you may learn programming by yourself, these skills are easier to master in a structured course or program. By enrolling in a program, you may count on mentors and colleagues to support you in developing your abilities.

3. Know The Game Design Patterns

Creating game design patterns is where programming becomes a little more complex, as you've already mastered the fundamentals of video game development. So, how do you define game design patterns?

Assume you're creating a futuristic video game, and you're required to have several asteroids that wreck a spacecraft. In this case, it's far more sensible to create a code module that could be replicated for all asteroids instead of concentrating only on single asteroids. This is called object pooling, which is an example of a game design pattern. Likewise, there’s a plethora of game design patterns that are essentially models for developing codes that could be utilized repeatedly to solve any game development issue.

4. Learn About 3D Graphics

Without graphics, it's impossible to create a video game. So, you should start learning more about graphics immediately. Although two-dimensional graphics were very common in the mid-90s, the majority of today's favorite games have 3D graphics. This gives the game a more immersive feel. Therefore, if you wish to be a great game developer, you must be familiar with the graphics and math that underpin them. This is particularly critical if you're not going to use a pre-made game engine.

Linear Algebra is a necessary math subject for 3D Graphics since it concerns matrices and vectors. If you grasp these ideas, you could effectively control your game's 3D setting to produce remarkable results.

5. Play With Purpose

If you'd like to create the next excellent video game, start by playing the classics. However, blindly playing them is ineffective. Instead, you must play mindfully, attempting to comprehend the various decisions taken by the creators.

Observe the story framework and construction of the game. Frequently, the strongest designs are derived from existing concepts of other video games. The further you learn, enjoy, and dissect the game, the more you'll understand why it resonates with its fans. This method aids in the refinement and improvement of your game concepts and prototypes.

6. Be Good In Time Management

Creating a video game isn't a simple process. A well-designed product takes a great deal of time and collaboration. Throughout the operation, you'll be required to adhere to a number of targets. Therefore, time management abilities are essential to succeed in a setting where timelines must be given priority and are critical to completing projects on time.

7. Problem-Solving Skill Is A Must

Recognizing and resolving glitches is a common occurrence for game developers. Working to overcome obstacles and demonstrating a proclivity for solving problems are needed to be an excellent game developer.

Possessing the ability to see a challenge or scenario from several perspectives may help you throughout the design and creation phase. When not done with the proper attitude, finding and fixing glitches may be time-consuming and stressful. Keep in mind that any dilemma has an answer, and it's just a matter of attitude and skill to resolve them.

8. Hone Your Communication Skills

Communication is a subset of interpersonal skills, a field often ignored by game developers. To be an effective game programmer, you must be able to express your vision and collaborate with other members of the team, including graphic designers, managers, sound effect experts, and advertisers.

9. Get Involved In The Gaming Community

Among the most significant benefits of living in this generation is the interconnection. You get the opportunity to communicate with people with the same passion for video games all over the world. You can have a good sense of what your potential target demographic wants and dislikes by being an involved part of the gaming community.

10. Start Small

When individuals set targets for themselves, they often overrate their skills and determination. Avoid making the same fault in the path to being a game developer.

Setting attainable yet optimistic short-term objectives that contribute to the ultimate objective of creating a game is critical for motivation. Make no promises to yourself that you can create a game in a year. You’ll definitely struggle. Alternatively, allow yourself a few weeks to study your preferred game engine and the coding language you're using. Don't force yourself, but make steady progress to the right path.


Being a video game developer needs a diverse set of skills. Educate yourself and be persistent. Consider these tips to be one step nearer to success.

Amanda Scott is a game programmer. She has years of IT experience and shares her knowledge through her blog articles. Amanda loves water sports activities and yoga. She has a cat named Chelsea.

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