Microsoft has recently released the follow up version to its small form-factor Surface Laptop Go line, the Surface Laptop Go 2. And for more
I recently decided to upgrade my daily laptop to something with a bit more power. While I am a huge fan of the Surface Pro line of laptop/ more
I recently picked up the Razer Orochi V2 mouse as my daily driver for all things coding, design and even some slight gaming. What drew me more
Posted on: 2/24/2021 - 9 min read
Is the Surface Pro 7 good for programming?
Many people think that you need to have a super powerful heavy duty desktop PC with liquid cooling and dedicated graphics cards in order to more
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Is the Surface Pro X good for developers?
Along with the upcoming release of the Surface Laptop Go, Microsoft is also about to release the follow up to the Surface Pro X model from more
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Is the Surface Laptop Go good for developers?
Microsoft has done a great job at improving upon their Surface line up year after year. Everything from the super portable Surface Go 2, to more
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Microsoft Band Unboxing And First Impression
This is probably the most I've been excited for a new gadget in quite some time and Microsoft did a fantastic job at keeping the entire more