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One of the most important goals to achieve when launching a new business is creating a buzz and spreading the word. If you’re preparing to set up a new venture, or you’re in the early stages of life as an entrepreneur, here are some tips to help you raise brand awareness and attract customers.

Designing a website

Online sales are soaring and screen time is increasing year on year. We are spending more time online than ever before, and most people now buy products and find businesses via search engines, social media and apps. For a new business, it’s vital to have a functional, accessible, mobile-friendly website. Your website should provide information about the products and services you offer, provide insight into your brand and your backstory and encourage customers to place orders, subscribe, sign up for emails or contact you. If you’re not an experienced web designer, it’s wise to consider hiring a web design agency. A professional, slick, engaging site can make the difference between losing sales and gaining clients.

Investing in SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is an influential marketing technique, which harnesses the reach of search engines to create leads. The aim of SEO is to improve your search ranking so that your content appears at the top of page 1 when a web user searches for products or services that are relevant to your business. Over 75% of people will not move past the first page. It is essential to note that SEO can be beneficial even if you don’t sell products online. Statistics show that over 80% of smartphone users will contact or visit a business within 24 hours of conducting a local search.

Developing an app

Apps offer a host of benefits for businesses of all sizes and types. An app will occupy a slice of prime marketing real estate on the home screen of devices and smartphones, it simplifies the process of ordering and making payments and it can provide users with additional information or features. You can develop your followers' interest further with your own app and distinguish your brand from others. If you are thinking about building a new app, it’s an excellent idea to use market research and customer feedback to help you decide which features to add.

Building a social media following

Social media has evolved from a network that connects friends and families to a platform that offers incredible benefits for brands and organizations. Building a social media following can help you increase sales at the same time as raising brand awareness, generating interest in your products and services and establishing strong relationships with your customers. Use social apps and channels to communicate with followers, share your brand values and get to know customers. You can also run promotions and giveaways to boost follower numbers and encourage existing followers to share your posts. Studies show that around 90% of consumers buy from brands they follow on social media.

As a new business owner, it’s crucial to spread the word and create a buzz around your brand. If you’re looking to attract customers and make sales, follow these steps to get people talking.

Walter Guevara is a software engineer, startup founder and currently teaches programming for a coding bootcamp. He is currently building things that don't yet exist.


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