7 Business Benefits Of Co-Managed IT Services

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Co-managed information technology (IT) services aren’t a new concept. Generally, these services combine an in-house IT team's strategic framework with a managed service provider (MSP) support. This partnership helps businesses meet their needs and resolve their technological challenges, such as limited IT staff and cybersecurity concerns.

Co-managed IT services are ideal for both small and big companies in the United States. If your California-based company has internal IT resources but needs help with your other IT operations, click here for managed IT services in LA and nearby to know whether or not co-managed IT solutions are for you. It isn’t only a strategic move for your business, but it also comes with countless benefits, including the following:

1. Lower Costs And Additional Value For Your Business

One of the business benefits of co-managed IT services is that you can leverage the off-hours support. It means your users can get assistance whenever necessary without needing to pay overtime or adjust your staff’s schedules.

Moreover, your human resource (HR) team won’t have to spend time hiring and recruiting personnel with the skills required to manage IT. This will lower your company’s overall costs, and your HR team can also focus on recruiting staff that supports your core business goals.

2. Provides Strong Security For Your Network

With the rise of cyber threats, businesses have to be constantly aware of the new threats to their valuable data. Once you opt for co-managed IT services, you can guarantee that your data is secure and safe. The best service provider has solid experience and is updated with today’s cybersecurity trends, making co-managed IT an excellent choice to have strong cybersecurity.

With co-managed IT services, you have a high level of security. Many MSPs also provide education about cybersecurity to help businesses keep their data secure. To know how to get the most out of managed IT services, you may also ask your provider about the best strategies or practices to ensure a secure and safe network.

3. Allows You To Focus On Core Business Aspects

One of the best things about considering co-managed IT services is that it’ll let you focus on other core aspects of your business. Rather than constantly worrying about your IT needs, your preferred service provider will take care of the worries for you. Using co-managed IT services is also an excellent way to increase the productivity and efficiency of your IT department without putting a strain on your budget.

4. You Can Get On-Demand IT Expertise

Regardless of how skilled your IT team is, there’s no way your team members can master all aspects of IT. For example, people who specialize in project management can be less proficient in general system administration or network security. In other words, assigning in-house team members with other responsibilities that aren’t within their expertise may hurt your company over time.

Instead of spreading your IT teams thin, co-managed IT services fill the skill gaps and supplement your in-house IT department. Hence, you’ll get access to several highly experienced and trained support engineers who are well-versed in various IT strategies, trends, and disciplines. These may include data backup, service desk support, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and IT auditing.

5. Proactive And Effective Network Management

As your business becomes more technology-dependent, your network also becomes complex, making it hard for your internal IT team to manage your network. Typically, the financial and staffing requirements to keep a network secure and modernized can be cost-prohibitive.

Since modern MSPs will give you access to experts for a fraction of the cost, you can guarantee proactive and effective network management. Most service providers give real-time information about your network through assessments and security audits.

6. Improves Employee Morale And Less Burnout

With co-managed IT services, you’ll obtain quicker response times, enhanced strategies, business insights, decision support, and professional consultations. All of these can help foster a positive employee culture among your IT team. By providing them with the resources they need to do their job well, you can create a work environment that reduces burnout and promotes productivity.

7. Helps You Maintain Your Current Employees For Longer

Another benefit of co-managed IT services is that they can help you maintain your current employees. For small businesses, it’s essential to keep employee-employer relationships. Therefore, it’s particularly crucial that co-managed IT services will let companies keep their current IT staff. Keeping current employees is an excellent idea because they already know your IT infrastructure and network.

Moreover, co-managed IT services can provide support remotely or off-site, meaning the company will likely still require in-house support for your daily IT needs. Keeping your current employees enables businesses to have the best of both worlds.

Bottom Line

With the above business benefits of co-managed IT programs, there’s no doubt as to why they’re a good investment. Aside from enabling your business to lower its costs, you’ll get a professional partner that augments your IT team’s capabilities while providing round-the-clock support and tools to drive your company forward. But to enjoy such benefits, it’s essential to take some time to explore your options before you settle with a service provider.

Melchor Velez is a business consultant and IT specialist. He writes about the latest in Business and IT to help his fellow business owners. When not working, Melchor loves to go to the beach with his family.


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