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4 Mistakes That Ruin Your Online Checkout Experience

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Today, more than 200 billion purchases are made online. That's a lot of potential revenue for e-commerce sites. But to create a user-friendly checkout process and ensure that users have the best possible experience when they shop online, you need to incorporate some foresight into your strategy. The truth is that most e-commerce sites have at least one major flaw that makes it difficult for customers to complete an order. Even if you don't have any apparent issues right now, it's essential to plan ahead to remedy any issues before they become an issue for your audience. Let's look at some of the most common reasons why people abandon their checkouts and how you can avoid making the same mistakes.

You don't allow for guest checkout.

In a changing world where more and more people are shopping online, it's essential for e-commerce stores to allow for guest checkouts. Most sites allow guests to finish their orders, even if they sign up for an account. However, you should also make it easy for customers to create an account to become regular customers. If guests can't complete their order because they don't have an account, they will likely leave the site. Most e-commerce sites that don't allow for guest checkouts lose out on large amounts of revenue each year. You can increase your conversion rates and revenue by enabling guests to check out your site.

You don't have enough payment options.

The more payment methods you offer, the more opportunities you give your customers to complete their orders. A study by GlobalData found that roughly 70 percent of consumers prefer the ability to pay with multiple options. However, many e-commerce sites only offer a handful of payment options. The best solution is to find a balance between too many and too few payment options. You want to provide various payment options or ask if should you use a hosted checkout system or not, but you don't want to overwhelm your customers with options.

You ask for too much information.

Asking for too much information when creating an account will often result in customers abandoning their orders. When creating an account, most e-commerce stores ask customers for their name, email address, address, phone number, and payment information. While this information is essential for the customer experience, you shouldn't stick with it. Instead, allow customers to create their accounts without entering this information. This will make it easier for customers to complete their orders and create a more positive buying experience.

The process is too complicated.

Many e-commerce stores make the mistake of designing their checkout process too complicated. When planning your checkout, try to keep the steps to a minimum. You can usually achieve this by eliminating unnecessary steps and separating them into separate pages. This will make it easier for customers to understand the process and complete their orders.


The checkout process is one of the most essential parts of an e-commerce site. If people are to complete an order, you need to ensure they're happy with the experience. This is why it's essential to plan ahead and avoid making the same mistakes others have made. If you allow for guest checkouts, don't ask for too much information, and keep the checkout process simple, you're more likely to increase your income. And, if you do these things, you can rest assured that your customers will complete their orders.

Walter Guevara is a software engineer, startup founder and currently teaches programming for a coding bootcamp. He is currently building things that don't yet exist.


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