Why do you need to hire DevOps developers for your company?

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In a bid to close the gap between software developers and IT operations, companies are looking for DevOps engineers for hire. Skilled DevOps professionals have become the top most sought-after professionals in the IT sector. Recruiting DevOps engineers have become tiring and uneasy, but not impossible; you can hire DevOps developers without being all stressed up; continue reading this article to find out more.

Recruiting DevOps Engineers

One of the reasons why you need to hire a DevOps developer for your company is to improve the productivity of your IT and software departments or teams. Hiring DevOps engineers in your company will help you reduce the cost of IT and software maintenance; it will also aid in cutting excessive expenditures, and it will help to upgrade the delivery process of your business. Hiring DevOps engineers will also boost your business and produce clock-work efficiency all around your company.

The world is fast becoming reliant on technology and IT, and companies are always looking to hire DevOps engineers. Still, before you hire a DevOps engineer, there are various factors you should put into consideration. Since DevOps means different things to different people, it is essential that the engineer you wish to hire has expertise in at least three of the following fields;

  1. System Administration: System administration is often referred to as ‘SysAdmin’. System administration involves the working and managing of multi-IT environments, optimization of processes, and general performance. SysAdmin also involves managing networks and storage. Find DevOps engineers that are versed in this aspect; the engineers should also be able to install software and hardware and troubleshoot issues that hinder system performance and maintenance.

  2. Virtualization: when hiring, hire DevOps engineers that are specialized in virtualization; this is because virtualization is a significant part of DevOps. Virtualization is the process of creating software that is used to process components in the servers. Recruiting DevOps engineers that are familiar and skilled in the usage of Amazon web services, Google, and Github is an added advantage.

  3. Network & Storage: The skills needed in this particular sector include; installation and configuration of networks and systems, monitoring both hardware and software, provision of network and storage support, and administration. Network and storage engineers are responsible for the setting up of your business, its management, and maintenance. It is vital that the DevOps engineer you want to hire is conversant and skilled in this sector.

  4. Coding: Coding is like the icing on the IT cake. Everything revolves around coding in the IT sector, so it is of utmost importance that the DevOps engineer you want to hire is very skilled in coding because, without coding, he or she will not be able to effectively manage your business. The DevOps engineer should be able to build, test and deploy software and applications; he should also be able to identify and fix bug problems and must be familiar with multiple coding languages and programs.

  5. Automation: Automation is a vital part of any business or company, and as such, any company that hires a DevOps engineer must ensure the engineer is specialized in automation. Automation is the process of setting up systems that aid in reducing the human resource and time used to perform specific tasks or functions. Skills to be looked out for include; automation architecture, configuration deployment and management, experience in working with automation tools, and lastly, the ability to identify opportunities that will require automation in order to increase efficiency.

  6. IT security is another skill to look out for. All DevOps engineers should be ably skilled in IT security, and every company hiring for DevOps should ensure that the developer is able to deploy anti-viruses, design applications, backup systems and recover files, and many others.


Hiring DevOps engineers should be as stress-free as possible; the above guidelines have listed out reasons why you should hire DevOps developers for your company, and the article has also listed out some skillset that a DevOps developer or engineer should possess. It is essential that in recruiting DevOps engineers, you look out for the skills listed above to ensure that your business and company blooms and prosper more than it was before.

Walter Guevara is a software engineer, startup founder and currently teaches programming for a coding bootcamp. He is currently building things that don't yet exist.


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