ChatGPT Store gets release date pushed out to 2024

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ChatGPT Store gets release date pushed out to 2024

During the recent OpenAI DevDay, which brought a slew of new users onto the platform, OpenAI showcased what it was calling a "GPT Store". Essentially, a place where anyone can list and potentially make revenue off of their custom built GPT's.

And if you aren't too familiar with what a custom GPT entails, you can check out this article where I go over how to build your very own.

But essentially, a GPT is like a custom ChatGPT model that you can configure and build yourself. You can specify the personality, word usage and you can even feed it data files to use for its prompts. Developers can even hook up their own API's for added features. Once you've configured your GPT, by giving it a name and an icon, you can publish it either just for yourself, for anyone with the link or you can make it public. Public for now, doesn't really do anything, but the assumption is that it would be listed in a store once that's ready to go.

And based on a recent email circulating around the GPT builder community, it looks like we're going to have to wait until 2024 in order to take a peek at the store.

Though from the sounds of it, since 2024 is around the corner, we might not have to wait much. Here is the specific blurb regarding the updated timeline:

In terms of what’s next, we are now planning to launch the GPT Store early next year. While we had expected to release it this month, a few unexpected things have been keeping us busy! In the meantime, we will have some other great updates to ChatGPT soon.

But in the meantime, it looks like the ChatGPT team has gone ahead and added a few new features to the GPT building tool, such as adding a test button that will make an API call to the endpoint that you submitted.

There are new debug messages added to the preview output screen, which definitely simplifies the troubleshooting process.

And lastly, not a huge addition, but Code Interpreter is now off by default when you create a new GPT. This is mainly due to the fact that any files that you upload into your custom model are downloadable when Code Interpreter is enabled.

Now might be the best time to get started with custom GPT's if you have not done so already. But do note that it is currently open only to Plus and Enterprise subscribers, and as of this writing, Plus subscriptions are paused and you must join a waitlist first before you can get access.

Walter Guevara is a software engineer, startup founder and currently teaches programming for a coding bootcamp. He is currently building things that don't yet exist.


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