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Whatever your venture, whether you are starting a business, creating a website, or just working freelance, your IT systems need to be in peak condition two make sure you are in direct competition with everybody else out there. The underlying fabric of every digital creation nowadays is being a skilled programmer, and it seems that now, in comparison to 10 years ago, the demand for supremely skilled programmers has decreased somewhat. Whether this is due to an increase in knowledge about how to program your own website, or with the amount of website creator services out there, remains to be seen. But it seems that now you can create high-quality websites, and all you need is a limited knowledge of programming language, so what are the most in-demand programming languages out there right now, from the objective perspective of building up any business product? Let's have a look…


Short for Structured Query Language; there has been a steady increase of job descriptions on popular websites requiring knowledge of SQL. Right now, this is the clear leader in the programming language world. There are also variations, like MySQL, as well as Microsoft's own version. And this is evident in the various services website design companies provide, you only have to look at the Slickplan website sitemap, and do a simple search just to find that SQL is arguably the most dominant programming language out there in the business world right now.


While languages like Java are still in heavy demand, it's these underrated languages, such as Python, that have grown in popularity in recent years. The great thing about Python is that it's a fantastic language for general purpose programming. Its uses our all-encompassing, such as for creating web applications, desktop applications, or even data mining capabilities. And, going back to Microsoft, they launched the beta version 2.0 of the Cognitive Toolkit, which now supports Python.


Sometimes the old ones are the best! Even though, C++ is a very high performing language, which can be used to create any sort of products that a business would demand, from the system software, applications, or even games engines. The one thing about C++ is that even though it's considered to be old, it is still a language that is very difficult to learn. An honorable mention goes to C#, which was developed originally for the.Net software framework by Microsoft, but it can now be used on non-windows devices since the dot net core open source development platform was unveiled in June 2016.

iOS Family

The iOS family consists of Objective-c or Swift, which launched in 2014. Swift is very popular, because of its easiness to use, and the modern mobile marketplace, with its reliance on apps, means it's a very popular family. When Swift 3.0 was released in September 2016, it showed a vast leap in translating Objective-c API's, and Swift version 4, released in September, has only built upon that popularity.

These are, arguably, the most popular programming languages out there right now, and with the amount of resources at our disposal, it seems that there's never been a better time to be a computer programmer. So look at the market, and see if you have the unique skills to help budding businesses out there right now.

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