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5 Desk Essentials When You Work In Tech

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Any desk needs a few essentials to help you do your job, and when you work in tech - you might find the requirements are a bit different. Sure, you’ve got your computer and your phone plus the usual desk setup, but what about those other items that can help you make it through the day? If you work in tech (or are shopping for someone who does), take a look at these five great desk essentials.

1. A funky notepad

While yes, most tech workers spend their time tapping away at a keyboard, it doesn’t mean a good notepad doesn’t come in handy from time to time. Rather than sticking to the usual plain notepads, you see on an office desk, why not add some fun and personality to it with a slogan or something that you’re interested in?

2. A mug warmer

There are a lot of handy items you can have around your desk, and if you tend to get so engrossed in your work that you forget about your cup of coffee - this is a gift for you. A USB mug warmer simply plugs into your computer or outlet to keep that coffee warm until you decide to drink it. It’s a simple idea, but think of all the water you’ll save from not having to pour your cold coffee down the drain?

3. Toys

Something you’ll often find on a tech enthusiast’s desk is some toys. Most of the time they’re there for decoration, but they could also be a useful distraction tool for when you need to think something over or need a screen break. Why not how to make an origami dragon to sit on your desk? It certainly beats a rubber band ball when it comes to desk distractions, that’s for sure.

4. A stress reliever

Stress relievers offer so many more possibilities than your typical squeezy stress ball. There’s a whole host of stress-relieving tools you can keep on your desk. However you like to channel your stress, there’s sure to be a toy that’s appropriate.

5. A good supply of water

This is a bit of a boring one, but if you want to stay sharp and focused throughout the day, you’re going to need to stay hydrated. Whether you choose a funky water bottle or keep a jug of water on your desk, you should aim to get through the equivalent of eight glasses a day. It’s easy to forget about the simple things when you’re working hard, but make sure you drink water to stop those pesky afternoon headaches and to keep your energy levels up for those challenging projects.

Want some advice on more practical tech essentials? Take a look at this guide to top tech tools for your business. Having everything you need will make you much more productive and capable, so take some time to think about your work setup and how you can improve it to become a more efficient tech worker.

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