You Need To Run Your Company's Marketing Campaign Online. Here’s Why

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They say that video killed the radio star, but if that's true, then the internet has carried out genocide on all traditional media marketing methods. Yup, that's right direct mail, TV adverts, radio, and printed catalogues are not where you should be investing your marketing budget. To find out the reasons why read on.


The cost of digital marketing is way lower than that of any traditional marketing method. That makes it great value for money.

The reason for this is that methods like catalogue and direct mail need to be designed and printed, then they need to be posted to your clients, both things costing you money. While instead, an online advertisement can cost as little as a few dollars. Something that makes printed marketing materials all but redundant.


Another reason why you should be going down the digital marketing route that it has a way more of an effect than traditional marketing materials. I mean how many if you open all your mail, even the promotional ones, and read them all the way through? It just doesn't happen as a rule, and they just end up ripped in half and chucked in the recycling bin.

Whereas short, catchy messages sent via SMS or advertisements online, are read. Something that leads them to be acted on more frequently, and so your marketing message is actually conveyed to the people you are aiming it at.


It is also beneficial to use an online marketing campaign because it means you can improve your marketing materials reach. This is possible in two ways. The first being that you can easily and quickly reach more people geographically just because of the nature of the internet.

The second is that you can be selective in targeting your demographic both with the content and the advert spaces themselves. This means you can reach far more of the right people for your product, something that can increase the power of your marketing campaign and make it much more effective without having to spend a fortune.


A particular reason that you should be going digital for your marketing is all the expert and specialist companies out there whose business it is to make your marketing a success.

Of course, picking the right one is important, so go for an organization that thinks out of the box and is progressive in their ideas. Ones like hello world that have the foresight top combine digital marketing with actual IT provision. Something that ensures they work harmoniously and effectively together.


Last, of all, do not discount the factor of speed when deciding to make your marketing campaign online. The near immediate nature of sending out content and adverts over the internet means that you can act fast when you need more coverage for a certain demographic.

It also means that as a company can utilize current affairs and trends to promote and associate with your products. Something that can make them way more noticeable than their competitors on the market.

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5/16/2018 11:01:35 AM
I think, all of your points that you have raised are absolutely right. Keep sharing more stuff.
10/23/2018 7:46:29 AM
Many thanks!
5/16/2018 11:02:29 AM
these are great tips.. keep sharing them
10/23/2018 7:52:06 AM
I shall indeed.

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