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4 Bad Reasons Not To Migrate Your Business To The Cloud

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Cloud computing is nothing new, but it still raises the hackles of some business owners. The cloud may have become an accepted part of business tech, but there is still some resistance from business owners who prefer to manage their company software in the conventional way.

Whenever there is new technology, it’s natural that some people feel a form of resistance towards it. The cloud has suffered from this resistance, with some business owners dismissing the need to migrate. That might be the right call for some businesses, but it’s vital that owners are staying clear of the cloud for good reasons-- which won’t be the case if they are avoiding the cloud because…

They don’t understand it

The concept of the cloud is difficult to grasp, especially for someone who is not particularly aware of technology. For some business owners, the cloud is just some strange, ethereal conception; the most they know of it is that celebrity photographs have been hacked while stored in the cloud. That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement.

However, learning about the cloud is essential for any business to survive. Even if that business doesn’t use it, they will inevitably work with other businesses that do. If you struggle to understand the cloud -- and thus ignore the possible benefits it holds for you -- then this primer should come in useful:

They think migration is too expensive

In fairness, migrating to the cloud isn’t cheap; you will likely need the assistance of experts such as to assist in the migration, and this does come at a cost.

However, business owners should think about the potential non-financial costs of not migrating to the cloud. A business could be deemed as out-of-date without cloud capabilities, damaging your reputation as a modern business. Furthermore, you will not be able to hire remote-working employees; and there’s even the possibility that some B2B relationships might not be possible without cloud technology savvy. When these are considered, not moving to the cloud can be expensive in a different -- and arguably more damaging -- way.

They think the cloud is insecure

The cloud has been plagued by rumors of it being insecure, untrustworthy, and too easy to hack. Provided you use the right company, there is absolutely no reason why the cloud is any less secure than standard storage systems.

In fact, as seen on, some people even claim that the cloud is more secure than standard storage systems. Of course, you have to be careful who you choose as your cloud provider, but businesses have to be careful about every decision they make. Provided a business owner does their research and finds a reliable cloud host, they shouldn’t experience any security issues as a result of their migration.

In conclusion

If it doesn’t make sense for your business to move to the cloud, that’s fine. However, it’s important to ensure your reasons for not making the move are based in fact and reality, rather than the questionable perceptions as seen above. Furnished with all the information, you can ensure you make the right decision for your business.


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