Signs Your Business Needs Some Outside Help

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It would be foolish of any business owner to think that they could run their business alone. You’re going to need help with your business at some point, whether that’s by hiring staff, getting a freelancer on board, or even asking somebody who has been there and done it all for advice. Here are the signs to look for that will give you a big clue as to whether your business needs outside help:

You’re Too Attached To The Way You’re Business Is Doing Things When you’ve been there from the beginning, building your business from the ground up, it definitely becomes your baby. This means it’s all too easy to get attached to your way of doing things. Sometimes, it’s important to get a fresh perspective on what you’re doing so that you can see whether any changes need to be made. It’ll help you to listen to an outside point of view, and could even open your eyes to a few things that you’ve been doing wrong the whole time.

You’re Getting Pleas From Your Staff

If you already have staff, getting complaints and pleas from them that something needs to change is a big sign that you need to look into getting more help. Perhaps your staff would benefit more from you hiring more people, or they want you to look into having an app built to make their jobs easier. Perhaps your team is lacking in certain areas of expertise - this is where freelancers and contractors can come in, with the added bonus of not having to hire anybody permanently.

You may not have received anything like this from your staff, but that doesn’t mean there aren't problems. Consider creating an anonymous survey and see what you get back. You’ll probably get an even bigger insight into how your business needs to change this way.

Your Customers Are Complaining

Perhaps your customers have made a few complaints of late. This could be about the quality of your product/service, or even that they feel something important is missing. Listen to your customers. You don’t need to bend to their every whim, but you do need to take what they say on board

You’re Just Not Getting The Results You Expect

Maybe you’re just not getting the results you’d expect to get, plain and simple. People like Jim Plante are experts when it comes to making sure businesses get results, so it could help you to look into getting a coach or some outside expertise so you can see where your business is lacking. You shouldn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger.

You Have Insufficient Staff For Projects

If your teams are unable to complete projects alone, then you’re going to need to look into freelancers and contractors so that projects can get done on time. Don’t get over zealous and start hiring permanent employees if you don’t need to.

Be honest; is your business showing you any of these signs that you need some outside help? If so, don’t put it off any longer!


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