5 Ways To Become A More Productive Programmer

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If you’re a programmer and you find that you struggle with productivity more often than you should, this guide is for you. Here, we have ideas from lots of different programmers on what works for them. Take a look and you might just find a great tip that helps you to get more done:

5 Ways To Become A More Productive Programmer

Get Up Early

When you have the freedom to sleep in a little later than people who have to get up can sleep in, you’re more than likely going to do it. However, getting out of bed at the very last minute can be super counterproductive to your day. Something that many successful have in people common is that they get up super early. You don’t have to force yourself out of bed at 5am, but making sure you can get up and start your work before the whole world gets up will give your brain a chance to fire up properly. You should find that you have more time for your other interests this way, too.

Do The Hard Stuff In The Morning

Avoid anything distracting in the morning, period. Don’t read your emails, don’t go on social media, and avoid the news. All of these things can make your head feel cluttered and stop you from getting as much done. Most people don’t have the same level of concentration in the afternoon. Companies that want to streamline their service use things like field service management software to get more done, so see if you can use that or something similar.

Listen To The Right Type Of Music

Listening to music while you work can really help you, but it has to be the right type. Listening to a focus playlist, especially in the morning, will usually help you to get more done than listening to gangsta rap.

Focus On One Small Task At A Time

It’s easy to lose track of a project if it’s a big one and it hasn’t got to be in for a while. You will usually find yourself procrastinating on getting started. Focusing on one little task at a time that is due closer will usually help you to just keep working towards getting things done. Many people thrive off closer deadlines and this means they’ll get much more done.

Multi Tasking Doesn’t Work

Whatever you do, don’t try to multitask. There’s a time for everything, so focus on one thing at a time. If you really want to be productive, you need to do one thing at a time. When focusing on one task at a time, you might even find that you get things done much earlier than usual so you can move on. This means being able to avoid having too many tabs open at once, not checking your phone every 5 minutes, and more.

Use these 5 tips to become a more productive programmer and you’ll wonder how you ever got anything done before them. Leave your own thoughts and tips below!


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